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How Soon Will Your Business Be Digitally Disrupted?

According to an eye-opening survey from the Global Center For Digital Business Transformation (DBT Center), executives believe an average of four of today’s top 10 incumbents in each industry will be displaced by digital disruption in the next five years. The DBT Center report titled “Digital Vortex – How Digital Disruption Is Redefining Industries” is […]

Curing Your Social Media Envy

There is enough buzz about social media marketing these days to drive you crazy if you’re not grounded in some basics about how to evaluate it for your company.  If you’re feeling pressure to keep up, here are five simple steps that will cure your social media envy or provide a good rational to get onboard: 1 — Understand […]

Why New School Marketers Should “Like” Old School Direct Mail

For businesses and tech entrepreneurs who are struggling to evaluate the evolving face of advertising media, it should be easy to “like” old school direct mail after reviewing the latest industry statistics. The recently released 2015 Essential Guide to Direct Mail Marketing has a simple message: Direct mail delivers. Let me add that direct mail […]