About Wren

Choosing a marketing partner who will have such an important impact on your company’s success can be a challenge. Here’s some information about why working with us may make sense.


We’ve worked with quite a variety of businesses over the years and believe this is a true advantage over agencies that have specialized.  While there are differences in the media and methods that we’ve used to reach target markets, it is our understanding of what motivates people and how to communicate with them that helps ensure success.


While perhaps a luxury to have a large in-house team, we believe we can deliver equal quality and better value than most large firms by using our core staff and a diversity of talented graphic artists, social media experts, videographers, and others with whom we have built relationships and can match with customer needs.


Our approach to marketing is time-tested and practical. The key to our success is learning as much about your target market as possible. Fortunately, there is more information than ever on customer media habits, attitudes, and demographics. If research isn’t available for your customers, we know how to obtain it quickly and economically. This core knowledge directs all our marketing activities.


For new clients, the value of our services will become readily apparent. We put measurement tools in place to evaluate our efforts because it is good information for both of us. In the meantime, perhaps you’ll consider client longevity as a measure of value. For businesses with ongoing marketing needs, our average client retains us for 10 years or more. The next step is easy. Let’s talk on the phone and/or in person.