Wren Marketing Communications provides expertise in promoting products and services for business-to-business and consumer clients.

Our services go beyond traditional advertising and public relations as we are involved in assisting our clients in all aspects of the communication and sales process.

Our value proposition is that we offer decades of marketing and sales experience that can be utilized to chart the most direct and cost-effective course to achieving your goals.

Chances are that you know something (perhaps a lot) about your customers and therefore we’ll combine your knowledge

with ours to break through to your target market and effectively communicate the benefits of your product or service.

For companies that wish to develop a relationship beyond our consulting services, we offer services directly as well as provide access to our network of experts who offer specialized services.

Your first step in considering our services is to contact us to discuss your business case. Let’s talk on the phone and/or in person soon!

  • Marketing Consultations
  • Public Relations and Publicity
  • Product Branding
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Website Design and Content Development
  • Video Production and Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Media Buying
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

  • Online Training – Learning Management Systems
  • Product Sheets, Brochures, Reports
  • Tradeshow Marketing
  • Video Presentations